Travelers searching for a place to visit in the Southern United States often find that there are a ton of great vacation spots in the beautiful state of Alabama. There are a variety of different geographical areas to visit in the state. We encourage travelers to visit the different areas in Alabama to experience the historic landmarks and stunning beaches for themselves. The state of Alabama is home to some of the most significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. One of the most important times in our history occurred in the state, and there are many remarkable locations that tourists definitely need to explore!
Where to Visit
Depending on where you are looking to stay, Alabama has some of the most beautiful lodges, resorts, and vacation homes in the South. Stay at one of the glorious golf clubs, enjoy staying in historic buildings transformed into modern day hotels, or stay in a gorgeous vacation home right on the beach. Alabama’s beautiful beaches are far less crowded than in other states, so there are some great opportunities to find vacation homes by the ocean without the worry of the beach being extremely overcrowded. Alabama’s beaches are known to be great spots for spending July 4th holiday. Travel over to West Beach and experience an impressive annual fireworks display. Travelers will be surprised to find that Alabama has some really great holiday celebrations for you to experience!
If you aren’t visiting the beach, travel to the heart of Alabama where you can visit a region still filled with a large amount of unique southern history that is hard to find anywhere else. Experience the history of Alabama by passing through some of the small cities around the larger popular ones. You will be surprised to find that Alabama has a unique culture that can’t be found just by sitting on the beach! 
Alabama has an abundance of entertainment opportunities that are sure to make travelers eager to visit the state. If you are staying along the coast, spending a few days on the beach is a leisurely experience like no other. There is nothing more calming than sitting by the water with a cold drink in your hand enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean. After a long day at the beach, we recommend visiting the pier near Gulf Shores and spending the evening having fun with the family. If you choose to spend time near the coast of Alabama you won’t be disappointed!
Travelers looking for something with a little bit more history and scenery can easily find enjoyment in other parts of Alabama. Alabama is home to the Alabama Civil War Trail, which offers several wonderful museums full of some incredibly interesting history. Since Alabama is considered to be a melting pot of different cultures, it is worth mentioning that there is a large amount of French heritage represented in the state by showcasing the biggest Mardi Gras festival found outside of Louisiana. If you enjoy celebrations, visiting La Mobile during Mardi Gras is truly a unique experience!
No matter what time of the year you visit Alabama, there won’t be a shortage of things to see and do around the state. Beaches, scenic drives, museums, and historic landmarks fill the state. We can’t stress enough how special this state is to visit. You can spend a week in Alabama and still have so much to do. We recommend choosing Alabama for your next family vacation.
Depending on where you choose to visit, Alabama is home to a variety of fantastic food. In the beach locations, you have the opportunity to eat some phenomenal fresh seafood from an assortment of local restaurants. If you visit other parts of the state, you can experience some of the best Southern cooking you could imagine. There is no shortage of outstanding steakhouses, barbecue restaurants, or other Southern delicacies. You have to experience some of the great farmer’s markets as well. Local farmers in Alabama provide travelers with some of the best-tasting fresh fruits and vegetables you can find. We highly recommend stopping by a market and grabbing some of these items to take back home with you!
A Wonderful State
Travelers who choose to spend their vacation in Alabama will find no shortage of things to do. If travelers wish to spend a week at the beach, Alabama certainly delivers some of the best beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. If you aren’t much of a beach person, Alabama delivers some great museums and historic landmarks that need to be visited by history enthusiasts. Alabama is home to some amazing civil war sites, historic homes, and multicultural celebrations throughout the year. Visiting Alabama is an opportunity to spend time on the beach and experience some unique culture at the same time. Don’t miss a chance to take a memorable trip to Alabama!